Eri Hiramatsu

1964.3.8   She is Born.
1989.2.21  1st single was released
1992     Room, Y Shirt, and Me It Becomes Popularity and 1 Million Single Cuts Make a Selling Point of Cable.
1993     Album SINGLE IS BEST 1 Million Also of These are Sold.
1994     Mr. Nobuyuki Shimizu of Arranger, Marriage
1995.1.17  House Collapses by Kobe Earthquake.
1995.4    'Beautiful town'the song released. it's about kobe Earthquake
1996.2.20  Her daughter is born.
1999     Transfer Record Company to UNIVERSAL from Pony Canyon.
2001.8    Release a book called'Gekitsu!!' It's about her.Endometriosis
2001.12   Undergo Operation of Breast Cancer.
2002.4.11  For medical treatment she decided to rest of artist and told in concert.
2002.12   She went Hawaii with her 30fans.
2003.9    Unit HI-HATS is formed.Album' oneself order.'release
2004.4.21  YOU ARE MINE and Room, Y Shirt, and Me 2004 She Returns by Release.
2004.11   It Becomes Vietnam Goodwill Ambassador...
2005.4    It Becomes Ambassador Kobe.
2005.8    Mr. Nobuyuki Shimizu, divorce.
2007     Move to Kobe.Some day unknown, although it returns to Tokyo behind
2008     Call SLOW ROOM and perform the monthly live in Tokyo every month.
2009.3.8   Perform 20th Aniversary live as artist 20 years on a birthday.
2011.11   Single Don't maind is Released.
2012.1    Release Album "Flower and Sun."
2014 SHE MADE THE song of NESTLE Theme song called 'LA LA SMILE'
2019.8.28 Single Room,Yshirt,me and then is Released.



Eri Hiramatsu single

1.The album of youth
2.A solar strike
3.A crossing gate without a station
4.The lamp of the moon
5.The great Renaissance
6.dislike a rainbow
7.The slope of memories
8.The room, Y shirt, and me
9.My serenade
10cannot but laugh
11Single is Best!?
12The way cannot return
13dream generation
14Being a girl is short
15The holiday in which you are not
16Beautiful town
17oh my god
18Midnight Sun
19wonderful day
20today of the whole day
21Somewhere in this town
22Endless  Moment
23refreash of Tokyo
24Love restaurant
・A blue lawn
26don't mine
27Room,Yshirt,me and then

Eri Hiramatsu Album

2precious 20seconds
B.Single is  Best
6dream generation
M.Eri’s B GOOD
9fine day
BThe album of youth
11The rainbow of autumn
12A flower and the sun



Your charactor is similar to Eri? It's time to do the 'another face' please count if you agree these questions written by BON

1. Like Seeing Sea and Moon.
2. like travel alone
3. Diligent
4. Trust Fortune-telling.
5. Memorial Day is important
6. dreams first,not money
7. like Art Museum
8. write a poem?
9. people say you are unique

  in 1999 eri got9points
in 2002 eri got8points
How many points did you get? This corner was on the air twice. at her radio program called 'TO BE YOUR STYLE' this tells 'Your natural romantic Degree’ it means she is really natural romantic lady how about you?

  'Your natural romantic Degree’
you got 0point to 3points   11%

You who are called all in reality. Don't you forget the old dream, either? Although the world followed every day is also good, travel in rare cases. Let's refresh your world

you got 4points to 7points   62%

you don't think you are romantic. but you are romantic sometimes. you are can see the reality,and dreams.

you got 8points to 10points    97%

You are already a perfect natural romanticist. You who have your world and charge at a dream. However, let's also see reality sometimes.


Eri's charactor

in television basis Hiramatsu Eri. I would like to introduce her. Since this is a fan site,I don't use video but character-based. Music and play something one was broadcast in pink paparazzi Japan tv. her tv friends, Mr. Hiroki Matsukata, Kato Noriko, Yamada Mariya's. are also help her. If you don't know her,tell you how does she look like. If she is not a singer song writer,she wanted to be SAKANYA. (it's like house paintings or make delight conceate) Because,she loves to see the process that flow thing become solid. Ms.Yamada says 'it's like 60days passed milk?' Hiramatsu cannot say anything, because she doesn't want to image. and her mouth still opened. Hiramatsu becomes exciting when plasterer craftsmen appeared. Hiramatsu puts the material into a large mortar. Uhh say ~ oh her tv friends surprised what she says. Because they don't think she say uhh say oh!! in a loud voice Hiramatsu a thrilled to work churning in with a drill to put the material. Hiramatsu turning the drill shouting Oh ~. Body and begins to move. Ms.Yakada shouts 'unbelieveable!Really she sings ROOM YSHIRT AND ME!? Because this song is really pretty song with pretty voice. Moderator team also plasterer craftsman feel amazing .too amazing. It is the practice time in order to paint in a vertical plate materials mushy. To the sample using (such as a large spatula) tool palette to paint the material is riding the plasterer craftsmen. Craftsman plasterer said. If we use it we raise the middle finger. You will fight it if do without any tools. And say. Hiramatsu cannot say a word, does with open mouth. Hiramatsu challenged but material is not quite ride on top of the spatula. But when she can do it,overjoy. Hiramatsu paints the material in a crouch. and says summer color!feel good. But suddenly, her legs numbs. she has a rest. It is a process to go paint with a spatula to a plate. Ms.Kato blames Mr. Matsukata, who paints sloppy. but Hiramatsu says the art is live! Hiramatsu sticks to want to put a dark blue here. Hiramatsu pours blue powder to a plate,saying say!say!say! suddenly,the bell rings.the lunch time. Hiramatsu says,'where is my lunch?' Ms.kato smiles and says, your lunch is in front of you.can't you see it?' Hiramatsu is really funny lady. the painting was finished. Hiramatsu sings her song. the background is painting wall which they made. (from site manager) she sings in a pretty voice but she is also a lady that people cannot help smiling.



Now,It's a time of checking 'know Hiramatsu' written by BON

1.Do you know 'The room, Y shirt, and I'?
2.Do you know 'The way which cannot return'?
3.Do you know ’SINGLE IS BEST?!’
4.Do you sing Eri hiramatsu song?
5.Do you have Eri Hiramatsu's CD?
6.Did you go to see her at something events or live?
7.Do you know her hasband? and what happened after that?
8.Do you know she is cme from?
9.Can you sing 5 songs or more?
10.Did you hear her radio program?
11.Do you know her daughter?
12.Do you know her Inspiration?
13.Do you know her hobby?
14.You are member of fan club?
15.Do you check the infomation of her everyday?

  how many get the count?
0  know Hiramatsu 0%

you don't know her well but this is a good Opportunity.please start from here

1  know Hiramatsu  10%

maybe you know just her name.or hear her song somewhere please know more

2~5 know Hiramatsu  40%

you know her. and you listen her hit songs. but hiramatsu songs are wonderful please continue listen

6~9  know Hiramatsu  65%

you know Eri Hiramatsu well, please be deep fan.

10~14 know Hiramatsu 80%

welcome to my homepage.if you stay 10hours in this site I can tell you her detail

15 know Hiramatsu 95%

you are perfect!!Please teach about her


special phrease in 90s.

This is the corner what HIRAMATSU said in 90s. special phrease in 90s. 5minutes reading.if you know these detail please go to core level 5. here is level 3.

1,please watch me at the tv show can you find me?rarely I APPEARED

her quotation is as the eri who sings at tv roof floor of the tv show called yarunarayaraneba. she said it was hard if it rains so hard.became wet. they talk with the guest every time at the roof. she play piano and sing near the laundry clothes. but rarely SHE ARREARED. alomost of all guests forgot her quotation, but only demon KOGURE remanded her quotation.

2,this cd jacket of you look so beautiful.cameraman did well.

it was insult thing for me. certtainly,this cd jacket was like chisato moritaka like a lady. my look is like other lady. but,he means you are not beautiful.

3,at first she was about to dedice the title is socks not shirts.

when you finish schooldays, start to work. what will change?member of society. rent a room,wearing suits,thinking the marriage. from a lady,a room,shirt and me. at first she was about to dedice the title is socks not shirts. but shirt is better.

4,where there is a will.there is a way

She feels happy because she can talk is fm radio.she can do anyway she can want.

5,it will be the good song if i must do it in a hurry,or must do seriously indeed.

i made the song in several hours. i go toward the concert holl.and sing there. it was hard for me but that song became the song which the next album include

6,smells coffee pot because I have put herbal medicine until now

how about cup of coffee? you brought it?

7,i make up carefully because my face is flat like a flounder.

she said during the live tour called eri-no-ongaeshi

8,say,the new hair, like a funny ghost. today my hair is sepalate like this,because increasing

she said during the live tour called eri-no-ongaeshi



From site manager How do her PV videos look like? I will introduce about a video Varlacion that are not relatively unknown here. Since this is a fan site, I will stick to the character-based. Thank you. Hiramatsu music video what is called Varication2 was released on Pony caniyon in 1996. Then, Varication and more are also on sale.

The road that cannot go back

In the room apartment ,Hiramatsu is opening the refrigerator in the kitchen. Hiramatsu watered the plants in the house. Hiramatsu is exiting the apartment with the makeup. Hiramatsu walk in the city. Hiramatsu sings like an opera. Hiramatsu is somewhat acting in the recording studio. A walking in the park. she chooses some flowers at flower shop. she sings at the park, walks having her bicycle. she images something sitting on the bench. she relaxin a cafe. she enjoys something at the apartment. she sings in one road of a large park.

Being beautiful is not easy after 10YEARS

a woman carries heavy garbage.she is getting so hard. student girls pass her at the corner. they are riding commute bicycle.they look so happy. Hiramatsu sings in the studio. the woman carried the garbage has a rest at a bench. 5 girl students run the hallway of the school. a woman starts to talk riding Blanco. then,they go to KARAOKE room,sing Hiramarsu song. this song is it. Female students who sing in the musical instrument instead with a cleaning tool in the classroom. Hiramatsu sing in the studio. the woman sings watching Hiramatsu pv. Students take photos in the to hiramarsu Hiramatsu take (the students) and Polaroid. they who are in the karaoke room take a photo to HIRAMATSU. HIRAMATSU takes a photo to women.

holidays without you

a lady who is talking the phone while eating sweets in the room. she gets angry,says What do you mean we will not meet anymore? ! she is lying head and should place a phone call. Hiramatsu sings while walking down the stairs of a house. a lady View PV Hiramatsu while eating sweets. and to change the tv program. it costs\ 920 0 0. Telop is like this,beautiful woman only will be happy. she pull out money throughout the house. she does pachinko, mahjong, a motorboat race. she lose to lose. she does make sure that there is no coin stuck an hand vending machine, she buy a toy gun. she images and practice robbery. she thinks if she does,gets money,she wants to be beautiful at beauty salon. Hiramatsu singing on the stairs of a house. she did bank robbery. Hiramatsu sings on the beach. the lady escapes to the beach patrol car chase the lady that having big cash. the lady throw cash bag away, running, laughing.

tell me my god

Hiramatsu sings with a bag in place of nature of Chiba and Hiramatsu sings in front of a large tree. Hiramatsu walks nature. Hiramatsu singing and throwing a bag. Hiramatsu sits on top of the bag. Hiramatsu sings at grass.


Eri's live promise

What kind of promise at the concert live at Hiramatsu ? I will Write the promise of at Hiramatsu live here. Since this is a fan site, I will stick to the character-based. Thank you. This is the content towards the core fan of level 2. If you are 10years Hiramatsu fan,you can enjoy with everyone at live concert. Let's moving action or sing some phrease with Hiramatsu

1,Beautiful town

this song is about the HANSHIN AWAJI Earthquake in 1995. people died over 6000 people this Earthquake. Hiramatsu's friend also died.she decided to sing this song for them. Akuyu wrote lyrics and music Hiramatsu. Akuyu ALREADY died now. Shimakura chiyoko as chorus also died. Hiramatsu sings this song really seriously. we all fans can sing as chorus if she sings 'we love kobe Let's hold out,we love-' and we do chorus'we love' then Hiramatsu 'we love' then we do'we love' Hiramatsu sings we love kobe Let's hold out,we love-' and we do chorus'we love' then Hiramatsu 'we Love' We do'we love' the last phrese we all sing 'we love' you sing well you can harmonize these part.

2,the last note

Hiramatsu sometimes sings this song as up-tempo song. This promise is simple. we will jump at all in the middle of a song. sometimes Hiramatsu says 'now Let's jump!'

3,can not help smiling

we raise your right hand and wave left-right,2times. when Hiramatsu sings 'number1 of' finger also shows 1. Hiramatsu sings these part at middle of the song. serenade

fans know this way of clapping. that's called two-three clapping. if you don't know Hiramatsu sometimes shows this clapping. we do rhythm this performance at first part and the middle of the song.

5. wonderful Renaissance.

some fans know but i will tell. if she sings 'wonderful Renaissance. 'at middle of this song we make a peace sinbol raise your arm and left-right-right-on.

6.Thank you

from 2018.11.when she sings 'Thank you'.we sing it together.


Hanshin awaji earthquake.

5:46 minutes morning January 17, 1995

Eri hiramatsu's House in KOBE completely destroyed, Her friends also died that day. Earthquake day, Hiramatsu did not become a victim because she didn't go back in KOBE stay in Tokyo. she was sick before that day and slept in Tokyo. Hiramatsu keeps on singing every year of 17th Jan. Because for friends who died this earthquake. Rmaind that day.she prays for friends who had to go to heaven, she sings for the people who don't want to forget the nightmare.

in April 1995,

Lyricist Mr AKU says 'why not do the song of reconstruction assistance' she recieve story to hear part of the sales will become More donations. Listen to the story, some of the friendship, Okamura Takako, Chikako Sawada, Oesenri Shimakura Chiyoko participated in the chorus. You can listen on this site 'Beautiful town-we love KOBE'

And tell Kobe that hard six months ... the disaster.

TVshow called Spiecal music Hall, Hiramatsu report the 6months after earthquake in KOBE In fact, she had interviewed around to walk Kobe. To people who are working hard, hold out! she can not say that words. Because they work hard. One person told her ' You sing the song.that is for KOBE' Hiramatu did swear. In 1996, she released in the next album songs sang the chagrin of the earthquake and the splendor of the four seasons of Kobe You can listen to this site 'FROM south town'

She doesn't want to make the people cry,singing this song.

January 17 that after a few years from the earthquake, Hiramatsu sing in Kobe. She doesn't want to make the people cry,singing this song. some people want to forget that day. and she feel sad. but she wants to sing this song for person who don't want to forget. she dicided to do the concert of that day in 1999 she wants to tell her real heart of that day. And she told to all fans to recommend to go to KOBE 17th. Jan. every year.

. 10years after that day.That's not the end!!

In 2005 that 10 years after the disaster, featured is organized in '10 from the earthquake in the local. she can do 17th.Jan concert easily.beacuse madia light up that disaster. but she ssays'10years after that day.That's not the end!! ' Every year I do this concert. I will keep on doing this not the end.

Forgetting that day,these several years

Certainly,town is beaautiful now. Alomost forgot that day.. But there are many problems. Japanese people who live in Tokyo, or other areas. forget that thing. the person family died and live alone,got older, no aid,no money, they suffer. but people forget that day. she says THEY NEED THE HELP.she says at 17th.Jan concert.

Then,11thMar. The earthquake and big wave came.

2011.3.11 earthquake occurs. Immediately after, Hiramatsu towards the affected areas she went to sing the sun and flowers, she cannnot sing well, she feel sad. she decided to do the project of flowers towards affected areas. she brings Kobe flower, planted. Flowers of cosmos to there, and make flowering. she said she can do only singing and plant the flowers. FROM 2012,she supports Tohoku disaster in 17th Jan KOBE MEETING,too.

20 years after the earthquake

On January 17, 2015, Hiramatsu did it in the form of a one-man the 20th KOBE MEETING. Continue saying that there is no break at the disaster Although it was Hiramatsu who continued, the baby born in 1995 when there was a disaster she mentioned about becoming an adult, and used the word "delimiter" for the first time She appreciate that she kept doing this while she was criticized variously, On the basis of this reality that was not followed simply by mission sense she declared that she will continue this activity in the future.

There was a Kumamoto earthquake

A big earthquake was occured in Kumamoto in April 2016. Earthquakes occur anywhere in Japan Now that the perception is changing to what can happen, let's keep doing this activity she is firming up her determination. In 2017, it is a concept to connect with sound and food, Kumamoto, Kobe, Miyagi KOBE MEETING with the theme of it. Also stuck to 117 Continuing, Hiramatsu,she is not concerned about 117, she chooses a weekend as an event to think about the disaster

but finally she decided to stop 117 kobe meeting in 2020.she feels many disasters occered these 3years.changed the mind. she stopped to stick kobe meeting,she decided to go anywhere to sing about it.Some TV says Her father died recently. Thats why she stopped to kobe meeting.but to tell the truth, nowbody knows the real reason.


Don't worry be happy

ERI HIRAMATSU:POEM   Shin-ichi Emura:illustration REVIEW:BON Have you fell over? Have not you thought that it is hard? I read this book at such time. "Don't worry be happy." A singer-songwriter, Ms. Eri Hiramatsu, writes a poem. Shin-ichi Emura draws illustration. Please feel softness. feel the warm. All of poems are about you, 'Erima' whispers to you quietly. 'Erima' gives you healing. .An illustration also gives healing. You just decide the answer. "Erima' is the angel of your heart. If you like some phrase.That is your Bible. 'Ms.Hiramatsu'has experienced too many things. These poems are the crystal of the phrases which appeared with nature. Why don't you read if you feel hard? Even if you are not able to find the shining phrases of this book, Don't worry.This is your happy. Why don't you read it? You can find it in 'Amazon' this book was made in 2005.




Unlike the appearance that looks soft,she likes DIY.Make shelves, decorate the room


she finished the work, wanted to drink beer and went to a convinience store. but she looked her wallet she found she had just 120yen. she didn't want to drink soft drink, but beer. she gazed at beer's corner. oh! there is tiny small beer can 102yen!


Radio Broadcasting station in Saitama. in 1989or90 she reported some radio program It was on air in the early in the morning. so she went to there at 3am.(5am was on the air) but she usually sleep at 3am,somrtimes she didn't sleep at those days.


she recieved the 1500 mails after her docmentary TV show.



ice creams overrapping corn.she loves it. just ice creams and it. no chocolate. she made a song of this title. and there is narration of this song. 'today,lion's baby's mustache is shaved was found at Fukagawa san in Tokyo.anywy let's listen the song. ERI HIRAMATSU 'USA=BARA in TOKYO'


her famous song what is called ' the holiday without you' 7th album 7DAYS GIRL.she sings about Long-distance relationship.

autumn.she likes autumn.but also feels sad.


Released in 2004. title is called ' Rainbow of Autumn' Rarely rain in Autumn in it's rare raibow. it is the concept that try to make the feeling rainbow of yourself.


good things happend diary. not to write the bad thing. it's good to you.


Ms. Hiramatsu calls strawberries 'iti-go'.when she buys them,buy them that colors are really redSeen from every angle


It is the song about earthquake in Japan in 1995 in April 1995, Lyricist Mr AKU says 'why not do the song of reconstruction assistance' she recieve story to hear part of the sales will become More donations


Definition of this word.for exit item or time for yourself that uneasy,stress,hardness,sadness the the bad thing. this jacket location is azabu 10th street the shop 'Nisiin Delica Teseen'


Japanese like Abbreviation. it's the name of song title of Abbreviation. It's about Crossing gate without the station. 2nd album called 'special 20 seconds' there is the model crossing gate in KOBE.


ERI and RHYTHM and ISM there is 3 meanings of this word. She says this is me.this is it.


erip is many year's agos nickname.sometimes the old fans say this.


many years ago she hated sweets. but it seems she like it.


Founder of a religion of offiice lady. 90's people say her like this. but she says 'I didn't do OL' so I don't know how people say like this.


She loves OSAKE. OKE mark in Grave in HIRAMATSU-KE. She stopped it, but sometimes continue


Takako Okamura. her old friend artist. she chorus beautiful town.(about earth quake) they have daughter each other.


music and coffee. she loves coffee. coffee and music is simillar for her. if she doesn't feel like drink it,music nither.

Take a bath

There were times when I liked taking a bath for a long time. Mostly when Hiramatsu was in her 40s。 she likes to take a bath middle of the night. she soak in a bath long time while listening to the radio at midnight



carpenters.she respects them. from 3 year girl(she) and her brother mimic the carpenters songs. her lyrics 'voice of karen' is famous from the fans.


in the one raido program,DJ says her skin is terrible at that time. she shocked.but he says now you are beautiful.

one day,I drove the car for the daughter,and that week is safety traffic and, policeman says to stop.and aim the mike. he says brow your breath. I always singing with mike. and brow the breath a little. policeman says do more, do more. so,I forget to brow the breath only, starts to singing a loud voice.'AHHHHHHH~' policeman surprised and say good. go away. maybe he think me strange lady. and I pick my daughter up and back to here. again say stop. she asked the policeman.' do one more time?' policeman says 'go away go away.'


coffee(black).To write lyrics she needs it. not sweet. black. decolation the nail sip the coffee, and sometimes her angels helps her at 3am.


in 2004. she loves the herb tea. rose hip, rose marry,lemon glass Hibiscus 4 kinds brend heab tea. shop called'life tree' near GINGU-MAE station. it's healthy.


her book of Endometriosis. in 2001.sometimes amazon sell it.


she wants to say about loneliness.'KODO-KYE' she says her brother wants to be doctor. and they hope him. but she is singing somewhat strange. she feel loneliness. but after big hits her parents overjoy the situation.


KOBE.her hometown.suma-ward.minamimachi. she sometimess talks kansai ben.


she sings KIMIGAYO at first Yalult baseballgame in GINGU-kyuujo. in 2004



her sign.'hira'is kanji.'matsu'is hiragana,'ERI'is ro-maji. she wanted change her sign, but still same.


if she is not singer songwriter, she wanted to be a Plasterer. she could be it at TV program 'PINK PAPAARACCI'she seems to be happy.


AS she goes YOSHIE chan's house,there are like a closet,push something sounds.she is interested in this. she realized it was piano.start to go to piano school.but her hand is still small can play well, quit. her parents bought the piano to her.


parents bought Cream puff and stick a tiny it, I get marrird with him. (as Children's play).hirofumi-kun, first love 3 years child.


she likes natural food. because she was seriously ill. in 1999, she eats brend Milletrice rice. she likes natutal food at restauant,too. KUREYON HOUSE,SHHIZENKAN etc. she likes japanesese food. she rarely eats fried something.


her hasband. but Divorced in 2005. 13years hasband. he likes joke.seems to Disgusted her sometimes. she says. first impression for him is too bad. she was invited her friend's marriage celemony. he say to her Makeup dark. she was about to sing a sing. he says she sings her own song. she gets angry to him.


the stage chapel that she starts to sing again in 2004. she was cancer but she cured.


the one song in the ablum called'Autumn Rainbow' Happiness has 2 kinds of meaning. wishing be happy,finding happiness. but some people think crying why I am unhappy. I want to be positive.


her first poem released in 2005. there is no special person in this. all words for you.


shibuya,omotesando she like to go. walking around this area,buy something.


suma seashore in suma-word in KOBE. if she feels sad she used to go there. she walks the sheshore in 2007 backing KOBE. she has many memories there. she made this title of song.


her Documentary whlie she was cancer. and Contact coverage for 1000days. TV documentary is on TV in 2004. many people watch it.


using Aloe salt soap rub the foot. make it soft.(in 2008)


'aitai' million seller singer. she sings 'be happy' also hit song at eri's marriage . Eri gave the song to her in 1997. called girl friend. she becomes friends at TV in NAGOYA.


the debut single.this is the true story. she chose the music,he left SENDAI. the song scene is at airport. she says good bye to him.


song first, clean the room, and read magazines,books,goes to cinema. about music playing keyboard aimimg south, sometimes successful play. about lyrics , coffee, nail cutting, writing a word at note.



She travel Thai with her family in 1984. she moved the Thai music at the restaurant. she backed to Japan she while she cooking rice enjoy the sounds.and made the song.<ピラフになりたい>


when she was a child, she likes Typhoon.the wind strong rain. she enjoy recieving them her face. now, she hates them.because makeup is broken.


live house in KOBE that she used to go and play music. she did the Charity concert of hanshin awaji earthquake there several times at 17th Jan.

Cheer up moring

Ms. Hiramatsu's current regular program。Sponsored by Nestlé。On-air on FM Osaka from 8am Saturday, Tokyo FM is on air from 7am Sunday morning。The program has 2 corners、 The first corner is a corner where you talk about Mr. Hiramatsu's concerns. The second corner is we invite guests who are working hard,pr their work.25 minutes program on FM Osaka、 30 minutes program on Tokyo FM


HER regular radio program. it was on the air on Every Saturday moring at bayfm in 1994 to 2002.she got seriously ill, quit in 2002.


She produced a clalion girl, NATSU TOUDOU in 1999. Released single 'open the door'. she made a song to her. arrenged by hasband.(now divorced)


his looks deamon but she thinks he can act also angel guy. she duet with him. you can listen her album called 'reborn'



Elementary school she used to go.'HORATRU-NO-HIKARI-MOUICHIDO' her song is about this school.


Stretch like a cat is good for her.


coffee maker Nestle helps her.because she cheers KOBE 25years.Nestle Japan central company is in KOBE. she made Nestle song in Japan.Released 2014.



she doesn't like rain.but she feel good Spring rain. it seems this rain give the warm to the ground.


in 2003,she couldn't sing as ERI HIRAMATSU. she called her 'sally' herself. the name of unit. HI-HATS ROCK sounds. released 'Myself as soon as' HER fashion is far from ERI. FANS worry about her change.


her Daughter.her Daughter's birthday is 20th 1996. her angel. the soul is in her,because after the earthquake. Hiramatsu has ill and be said she hardly has a baby. her bestfriend also. Haine san has lyrics in 2004.we can hear album 'autumn rainbow'


she played karaoke. her songs. she sings my serenade she got only 8points of 100points. she shocked.


big earthquake was occured in KOBE in1995. her KOBE's house was Total collapsed. her friend died, too. Continue 1.17 KOBE MEETING(LIVE)to tell the importnce of life. and not forget the thing.


she make hand made chocolate every year.


her promotion viedo. she named this. she says people can see the various type od song and me. and named this.


she goes to many countries,but between she was seriously ill. she chose to go to Hawaii.she invited 30fans to Hawaii.


singer song writer. she write room,Y-shirt,and me, Single is Best?! and more hits.her birthday is 8th Mar.


similar,but it is wrong name.sometimes, people misunderstand the name.

Hiramatsu Clinic

Hiramatsu's parents' house was a doctor's house.It was in Minamimachi, Suma-ku, Kobe. Currently, my father has passed away and there is no Hiramatsu Clinic anymore.


her father is famous doctor.but he is also funny charactor. He is hiroshi-itsuki fan so,made bar ITSUKI. UDON-shop ower. icecream shop owner.


really his marriage, he forget to introduce her wife 3times.

Love Moving

She LOVES Moving.Already moved 22 times。See the floor plan and check it fits her or not. The surrounding environment is also important.also reads a lot about moving books、 she can't stop talking about the move. As of March 2020, she is currently thinking about his 23rd move.


hiramatsu had a chance before debut,but she quit the office because she found she cannnot sing her own song. and poor life. she worked as information lady of KIMONO-show, telphone apppointer,voice trainer and so on. and made her own song ,go to the music office, asked listen the song. but hardly listen. but she didn't give it up.


it is just the song of the one album.but YUSEN.(like a radio) people requested this song many times, 2 years after finally single is released.and millon seller. first,the office says not to put in this album. it's not image of HIramatsu.but her hasband says. YES.LET IT GO.


the meaning of permit 3 days drunk , if you drunk 4days don't go to back your parents fact her father drunk too much, forot the marrigae went his parents home.


the book of her illness. serious book. but sometimes there is cartoon. to feel happy, happy recipes in this book.


she got Goodwill ambassador of Vietnam. went there and sing.


she liked her hat.90's she has 50 kinds of hat.


lost her way.

AS you know、she always losts her way.Even the roads she often walk to。 It can be taken as natural, but she is seriously worried。she is probably used to using a taxi.


it seems that cafe is written the word 'hiramatsu' she isn't be jpyful but took a picture .


her grand mother. Ms.hiramatsu loves her. grandmother is in heaven. she likes pictures and movies. she like hine's diary. so Ms.Hiramatsu decided to daughter's name is haine. Ms. hiramatsu loved her handmade black beans.


she sings about KOBE. sings good things every season but, this is requiem song. KOBE earthquake.


In a street, there was Seasoned cod roe. she thought that was somewhat Tongue. she hates Seasoned cod roe that kind of reason.

she doesn't like a Insect especally Reptiles. there are many insect in outside IVENTS she doesn't like the insect.


her uncle.Painter.her album 'my dear' jacket include the picture of Atelier.we can see Ms. HIramatsu's Portrait that he he is in the heaven.


she like memories and cannot throw the memories goods away. pictures and love letter and so on.



the special guest of drama called HARE-TOKIDOKI-KUMORI' her act as cheerful lady of baseball team. she says just 'hold out! Yeah'she sings the darama's song. Baseball,her brother taught her well, but can't understand the rules.


she had a Regular radio program called' TO BE YOUR STYLE' she like the summer song. she choose 'taturo Tamashita' songs sometimes.

Radio POP Sketch

The radio program form 1994 to 1997. she reads the listener's letter and answers.


HER Representative song at 2000's. she did hard voice training to sing this song.



after she Birth, released in 1996. it's also meaning as ribbon. her foot has ribbon on this jacket.


she drink Energy drink calld ripobitanD super. she like it. I don't know now she likes.


she can feel Inspiration. in 1990 she had recordinding. there is ths soul near her. so she pour the cup of coffee. talk to him.and he left.


Drainage.she want to take her hair in Drainage. one chance ,only use one finger.


she went to an univercity. and enter the Hiking circle. she wants to know what she feel if she walk really hard. not for sports,for music.