The Eri theory and a fan site theory

"Sense" Mr. BON, Why do you do the Eri's fan site too much? the updating rate is unbelievable. BON loves her? The person who knows this site well,would think about this. I would like to write the reply. This "which is not understood well" is a reply.and "A sense is felt although it does not understand well." Although it was yearning when Eri was a beauty , Without knowing why, the feeling of 'love' did not boil. Yes, I will choose to write .. Eri is a very attractive woman. However, an existence far from a 'love target'. [ she is an artist ]) It is a far existence as yearning. She is not a partner whom the oneself time reaches. It is 'FAN' whom an ordinary person thinks of well. However, although it does not understand well, there is 'strong sense' of liking to aid. seldom believing up what has uncertain BON -- but Probably Eri's 'sense of a dream' flies here, the 'sense' a fan site -- it may be needed. It might change to busy Ms. Eri and may have executed the fan site by proxy. It does what and it is not understood whether the 'sense' has BON. and a 'sense' makes as fan site . therefore, I don't make her fansite for her sake The 'sense' is doing freely. an artist and an idol get married rarely fan site were closed. That site says' Return my present for you!!' I aided until now for you! There is the psychology '. The hope of 'me' and longing go into the aritist world. But BON does not have it. 'Since the sense is carrying out the fan site freely' It may say to a friend a few years ago. BON Dangerious! Don't do too muchi..If it runs by the Speed, it will be crushed in two years. The person says that he ran before and he was crushed. BON doesn't worry about this. 'since the sense is running' freely -- he did not think that it was painful And since he enjoys himself and it is doing for himself, never painful and never becrushed.. Therefore, Mr. Oshiro who taught music could not understand. There are " I WANT AID SONGS" and music that is not so, either. When a "sense" enters, there is 'music' to come to aid frantically. If you would like to catch a sight into which what grows up anything by this eye. The sense became 159 Hiramatsu VOCALOID. songs although it was written to the title of the beginning as theory Eri -- in fact -- not much theory Eris not going to write. The "sense" has said, "Since there is a sense, it is good." A "sense" and "longing" It was said that an artist was touched at work in recent years in many cases. The feeling by the side of an artist was found only after touching. It said a certain artist. Although collaboration is carried out to "Fan and he is told that collaboration is carried out, It is not the music which he wants to tell." I'm shocked anyway BON becomes music "the lyrics also being written" or in recent years, There is 24 its original work music (August, 2012). lyrics was sent to Eri before becoming music. They will be 200 or more works in ten years. Didn't you want to carry out "collaboration" to Eri by somewhere in hearts? ... It cannot deny. It is self-complacent "longing" as Fan. And it became [ mind as scolded by Eri ]. Now, a "sense" does not allow the thought. There is music which 'artist wants to tell. Unless the music is equal, a thought is pulled and it suits Collaboration does not allow.' which a sense does not allow "Aiding". = "gratis love" Isn't it ultimate love? When the longing of it was stronger, it studied that it was not "aid." "Fan site" BON may prize by god who does a fan site. 1. There is Respect. 2. Continue updating. Although it is only these two, I regard just these two as their being arcana. Respect is indispensable to the artist who aids a fan site. I think so. Since BON owns MIDI, it is carrying out the JASRAC contract. A natural thing. Even if what leads to sales promotion for a secretariat makes What spoils sale must not make.Therefore, VOCALOID BON is so decided, although he does not plan [ of writing in others ] to say. Another should continue updating. I think that a site is a living thing. I regard water as withering, if there is nothing. Also the site which had the definition of 'continuing existing', of course I think that it is good. Giving water is continued in BON. I think that this is important. This does not work so so. a situation is uncanny when no less than ten year passes -- it changes. They are site people at the time of a junior high school student, There will be many people who stumble by extracurricular activities by high school entrance examination first. The person who made at the time of a high school student is a university entrance examination. Members of society are marriage, transfer, and childbirth. The site which continues for ten years is a 'miracle'. therefore Also the site which had the definition of 'continuing existing', of course I think that it is good.I think that it is awfully uncanny. It is the top to have obtained and to have said ?BON? That's right.Giving water is continued on it.Say. That is, the site which can do these two things Site = a part of life It is that only such persons can do it. In a site, the tips which it continues updating are always changing into a 'incomplete' state. Since it always continues having a feeling of doing something by somewhere. It will finish, if it completes. It is always 'incomplete'.


Access counter theory

You worry a counter? for example, animation sites, such as YOU TUBE The number of times of reproduction of a favorite animation increases. Are you glad? Isn't it so much worrisome? Access of a fan site goes up. Are you glad as a fan? Is it good anyhow? This.probably a site janitor who is And the direction raised as original products in the animation site. and access are worried very much. Since I have a site, I become site access mind. An access counter is SELF SATISFACTION. BON has HP with the theme of 'Eri Hiramatsu'. Of course, it is although it also has two or more HP(s) of other themes, Since it is puzzling, it tells by 'Eri Hiramatsu'. As said, HP began from radio character revitalization. Access went up by five. I let you know and the Hiramatsu radio to fans. That is, fans increased in number. I thought that it was selfish from the beginning to such a wind. A misapprehension is also excessive. HP of BON is a unofficical fan site. It is not a site of the duty which manages a secretariat, a fan. Don't say that I am ridiculous into increase. Although it is bad, This is the world of self satisfaction. That access increases has achieved the duty as a public-relations system. I would like to have thought so. The misapprehension will do a serious thing. Access is a tranquilizer. Eri Hiramatsu revived in 2004.Media observe at a stretch. And the fan site of BON also receives a baptism. The day which will exceed 80 accesses on the first was not new. Even if it updated nothing, it went up in crowds. However .about from 2006 access of the site of BON It begins to fall with a bang.The person herself is also as activity rates well. Although it began to fall, access on the first began to be less than 30. Something does not settle down.I thought that it was in big trouble. It said the friend. [ character with peculiar to Mr. BON thinking that it is in big trouble ]. Although it thought that the person herself got impatient, it decreased, if it was a fan. It comes out and thinking does not stop? It is usually '. ... It did not stop.It already falls. Every motivation cannot be found.Like gamble, Touch when good is not forgotten. And BON kept the advertisement for the first time at last. Listing advertisement of Yahoo!.and Google search -- it is alike and puts on a higher rank by an advertisement. A what ? article for sale doesn't ? article for sale have? ... There is nothing.It is [ interest, with ] merely to Eri Hiramatsu in order to be given. it is amusing . Probably, there is no article for sale and 1 fan site which is not an office an advertisement, A few [ having done ]. I was glad. It exceeds access 100.There was also a day set to 1000 or 1500 It is a Kobe earthquake if it becomes the 1.17 day. It does so that it may come out to the very first, if it searches, It put on the higher rank by the absurd word said in music. usually, the word unit price 'music' -- if it is high and 50 persons access from there 30,000 yen flew Totaling, 300,000 used.No, possibly it used more. It has not calculated by being fearful. Overjoyed BON of those days is asked. Why is it doing? Since Eri Hiramatsu becomes famous. ... Is it foolish? Think well.It is the advertisement begun by gambling feeling. They are a tranquilizer and self satisfaction. ...........That's right. Well, Hiramatsu's image might not be worsen by having accessed. If there is nothing, it is considered as means, Now, the input in cash with a new advertisement is not doing. As a result of carrying out that it is such foolish, It came to think. An access counter is worried. The direction into which it went as much as possible although it becomes 1 -- he wants to make it access and become pregnant For making it become pregnant, Contents must be solid after all. 1 access with dignity.


An earthquake disaster and it is a mission of BON

As long as some people consider that it is troubled by them if you forget 1.17, she continues singing. I do not want you to become the chronology of free history. It is Eri's mission. Bringing near by the thought, everybody participates in the 1.17 Kobe earthquake disaster revival live. BON was also the one person.YES, I will say honestly. If it is not Eri Hiramatsu's fan, it is in its heart. Possibly it had become 'historical chronology'. ahh? the direction which thought !? will also be. But, the direction which has become so if it says conversely is from a Japanese whole-nation level. it says most of Japanese people say that it is. What is the mission of BON? BON is doing the fan site. I think that it will be 'Tradition' using it. BON will go to Kansai for the first time in 1999 for the first time The 'Kobe earthquake' I was felt, and many things were seen and it turned. Wonderfulness of having felt on that day and Hanshin Awaji. To have not noticed was decided untill then and it was carried out in Tempting Heart. The 1.17 live participated 10 times until now.(As of 2013) I think it important surely to participate.I would like to go, if it is when arranging again. However, the missions of BON are more people about the activity. I let you know and consider Hanshin Awaji for Japan I think that it will be Tradition. People have a mission, respectively. There is a fellow who sings the mission of such inside "tradition by HP." Well? Ms. Eri.?! Lamplight which is not extinguished (1.17) The clock tower which has stopped The cenotaph of the Ikuta shrine In and an American wharf It was gazed at calmly. It is that I can do nothing. It is never alike involuntarily. * LET ME JOIN YOU ENJOY IN KOBE One thought Lamplight which is not extinguished The east amusement park is lighted up. 60 snow lights And it is new. MONUMENT It was gazed at calmly. It is that I can do nothing. Don't say if you please. ** LET US JOIN YOU ENJOY IN KOBE Overflowing thought Lamplight which is not extinguished Moreover, it begins from here.

Lyrics BON


Notes of BON

he fan site is lost. August, 2012 28 diaries. I may notice that HP is done a 12-year room.It is a clear unofficial fan site's lost. The bulletin board in particular stopped prospering.This is having restricted to the inner site. It follows on a twitter, the spread of FACE BOOK, and also the spread of YOUTUBE, The situation where conversation has spoken on the individual level. There has been a lot of site closing clearly in the past two years. although entertainer search is carried out and a fan site is seen Many fan sites which existed before have disappeared. As for my server, access analysis shines just.There was such a search word. Why isn't there 'any unofficial fan site'? I call it HP for guessing troublesome products. even if it does not make it,do twitter ,face book,reply from an entertainer I am glad.There is no telling whether the person himself/herself sees HP. There is no telling whether to also see live report .. Isn't it in the feeling to say? HP was changed.It is. However, however, BON still continues HP.The basic information on general is written on Wikipedia. I would like to secure a fan's place.I' don't care you say it's my satisfaction. How is a fan site? from 95 which were able to do the Internet The official subculture has been made. unofficial fan site.I think that I will consider this this time. Without a unofficial fan site is officially related It is a free site (fundamentally) by a spontaneous fan. No charge is a user to peruse. The janitor who is making has required money. Server space cost, consent cost, etc. The burden is placed therefore it has applied money. Although it is a hobby, and it is unoffical, creation management is carried out using time. However, since it is a hobby, the janitor can choose when. it may establish or closed-- it is free. If it says what like to say. A site is an important place for those who use although it belongs to a janitor to be sure. The place which can be alike and become. However, some janitors have stopped for the reason for the ability to perform neither updating nor management. It cannot say, even if are closed down and who wants to complain. Because it uses free. a unoffical sites are not powerful nowadays. Such a report was found. Wikipedia (limit of free management) Wikipedia which will be caught in a higher rank if some search things are carried out. This is a management write-in site by a volunteer. management by a volunteer, and updating -- this is beginning to decline rapidly -- that is right. The time and effort which writes information free is taken. The thing that this is in a critical situation. Finally the report was described like this. Does it go to manage [ the limit of a volunteer system, and ] a remuneration type? a sharp decrease of those who manage -- only perusing all.This situation. Fan site [international ] (2010.09.06) Do you hear Western music? I am from the end of the 80s to the start of the 90s. It was often heard. The meaning of words is not understood not much well, either. Some Japanese lisners understand American's songs perfectly, But I'm not.. I feel that Western music was heard.It is especially a hit song. The now and the time when the 2010s came around are plane times. YOU cn tell what you want all around the world The animation site has exceeded the border completely. A fan site is also internationalized. Although it is a small number still more also at the site of BON, it is from a foreign country. There is access. BON CRESCENT Eri Hiramatsu It is Eri Hiramatsu's fan site. In order to tell Eri Hiramatsu's merit into Japan, of course. Yes, I would like to tell towards the world. At 20 years ago.BON was heard only in a melody, vocal quality, and a rhythm especally westrern songs. It said.For foreign one, an inner site is just. BON has noticed whether to be right. It is 'something to tell'. Is it seldom transmitted with music? Can't it do somehow or other? For also telling foreign one Eri Hiramatsu's charm perfectly I want to make English Vocaloid from Eri's songs. ... or this does not go simply. If expression to tell shifts, a problem will arise, As a result, Eri Hiramatsu's image worsens internationally. . a WEB museum The dream which is under an illusion vacantly. What kind of work do you want to do? I want to do a museum the theme of Eri Hiramatsu. But I heard very vrey famous artist museum closed It exists, and unless it can continue, it will not be able to pay. And if the mansion chief does, it will win a great success once, As long as it said as a hobby that such a thing was done and there is nothing, It is a talk impossible as actual. so what can I do? I DO a web museum! low cost ,no need to place,just pay about 200$per year. I can do anything at web museum. I'll try.What do you think?


Offer Songs theory

When BON is on the register to the lyrics school of Oricon once a certain songwriter's teacher said to me "What imagines and writes the artist who provides as a songwriter. If it is the person A, if it is the person B, I will write like this. Do so and suit the artist image color. You have to write the lyrics.composition it is the same . " I imagine the artist of yearning of her Since it was writing freely, it is the scolded form. Probably, originally an occupation and a songwriter are such a things. but and a singer songwriter may be free and may be good. being related with Eri Hiramatsu Eriko Tamura's reverseble. I listened this. Hiramatsu is taking charge of the lyrics and composition of this music. As release time, it is Hiramatsu's MY DEAR. It hits REDEEM. Story nature is strong and old Hiramatsu's lyrics has many characters. and seemingly, she wrote the girl who was shaken before pitiful It is a girl image. This is a view of the world of lyrics which Hiramatsu writes ordinarily. for Hiramatsu, the image of this lyrics is with Eriko Tamura -- did it strike? No, in the image of BON, it is not made for Ms.Tamura I can consider, because lyrics and the melody which spring and come out from herselves were offered. It is like [ to which it can be thought that BON is this thing which may carry out a self cover ]. They are the same comment although some offer music near this time was asked to others. In1999 Hiramatsu produced the Clarion girl's MS. Todo It is her single about whether she was conscious truly by PRODUCE. The world of opening the door is what carried out the Ms.Todo image. But coupling are the works out of which Hiramatsu's essence permeated and came too. It has become. How are the 2000s? 'As at today' of the Ms.Kurokawa offered in 2007 As for Hiramatsu, it will revive in 2004 and lyrics which draws an inside rather than story nature, It increased. Hiramatsu's Album calledThe rainbow of autumn, And it will be convinced if as at today is heard in order. such -- if offer music is also her other self.


my to be best 5

BON CRESCENT A janitor chooses. Favorite music in 2012 Please listen the songs I favorite.

The 1st place 'Trip'

Music which is a support of the present my heart. AS a hobby I can do BON's sites for 13 years. Work has not continued so much. "Don't wipe the cloudy future. saving your own herat, only you can do it This phrase supports the present BON I do my best so that I can lead a small quiet work life some day.

The 2nd place YOU ARE MINE

Most of fans say the 'room Y-shirt and me 'is the Hiramatsu world. and famous I knew the song at that time,( in 1992) but I became her deep fan the music of 'YOU ARE MINE' If this music is listened to live even now, my soul is hot. The soul is contained in this music so.Isn't there any fan of BON and the same opinion, either?

The 3rd place  Blue lawn

It's not famous song but important for my family. My wife and me are Eri 's fan. and we met in store's event. Eri is the ONE DAY STORE MANAGER as event.Theme song was Blue lawn. We met this song in 2005, married in 2008,

The 4th place Crescent Monnshine

I became a fan with this music.This song makes me this site I love this melody.and listened this song 10000times. I have the memories about this song. I'll telling it in the 'short creation story'.

The 5th place Best I LIKE YOU

This is my sad love story. No she didn't create this song for me. But this song is my sad love at my Unversity's period. Best I LIKE YOU, this is not love. as a freind. But I loved her.

--- What is your best 5? Tell me.


Black cat Lucy (the theater version's) introduction

How about listen the just a little bit different flower and sun? I went the movie theater in Chiba prefecture.. 3D glasses sold the movie theater.However, it is not needed this time. The pamphlet shown now was sold to the theater entrance. Black cat Lucy.the lovely small pamphlet like a black cat. It is said that it is 700 yen. If it sees previously, know how the story goes on, but if you see after watching, heart warming I serched Eri's introduction.Ahh I was surprised.she is there whole 1page like the leading role. An introductory essay is different for a little. Although it usually becomes Eri Hiramatsu of the room Y, and introduction in many cases, It had written to the thing of not only music but a writing book and the ambassador of Vietnam. I moved that things. The direction which wrote this introductory essay thought that Eri Hiramatsu of 'a flower and the sun' was introduced. It was felt as the direction to introduce not the image of the room Y but Eri Hiramatsu of a flower and the sun to. It becomes time and I go to a theater seat. There, there is no showy action. I had a nostalgic feeling. Black cat Lucy.Although cured by the lovely black cat, there is a theme important [ one more ]. I have experienced big frustration at work but whole me. There was time of a failing mark also as a father also as a husband. It is truly thankful to the family who still did not separate. I am [ this Mr.Tsukaji acted as Kamoshita ] moved greatly. It is a Revival match as a husband as a father. Lucy just gives 1 more aggressiveness for a cause. Neither Mr. Tsukaji nor Ms. Megumi Yasu seems to play the role at all. There are two persons as they are.They don't need to act. They are perfect.. It could be said that this has exquisite casting. Having felt so well had just hit.Since it appears in the pamphlet if good Please read. Surely, that I felt springs later gradually like this, although there is no showy action. It was touch. And the flower and the sun of ending which I am forgetting. The song appears with with warm applause This came. Until now, a flower and the sun have been heard also by what 10 times and the live. But, the flower and the sun which appear here were the first meeting for me. Are there such such any flower and sun?I am first this flower and sun to meet. I think that only Black cat Lucy's movie can be taken out there, and that it is encounter. The first person to see Black cat Lucy Those who hear Eri Hiramatsu after a long time If you please, isn't this warm movie touched? Please accept only your flower and the sun. BON


TOP page theory

HP is done for a long time. I do not understand at the time of the beginning well, but it was an individual page. It will be shocked in 2003. It was Attractive when seeing a certain senior site to respect. A TOP page which is attractive.Presence of powerfullness. Yes, the TOP page must be impact from these days. And TOP that time most favorite type and JCAM were used in 2004. It is the 1st step to the site of yearning. A TOP page is a symbol of the door and its HP.Therefore, I want you to impress from the beginning. It was be flash animation powerful to TOP as flash soft in 2005. Those days, I overjoy It moves the sea like that?! But.The problem always happens there. It is heavy.A circuit is the time not to be still so high-speed those days. If flash or JCAM is used from a TOP page, it will take 30 seconds for it to be calm and to open. It was doing wanting to always cancel this. I think that surely it became high-speed in recent years. I am using light TOP now and (as of 2013).The symbol is prized, It changed to the page opened in 1 second. I use ad to make them know her. And it thought.It time-starts opening to that of money payment , it gives up, and there are many frog visitors. I came to think that I will make a TOP page light as it can And a cellular phone is also a small terminal from big terminals, such as a smart phone and a tablet appearance, in recent years. The directions using NET have increased in number by the probability of regarding TV as saying by an old time. If it becomes so, and what model will be used, but the way where TOP can be seen is becoming important. it is an advertisement a long time ago -- the advertisement whose one day and 300 hits were limits even if carried out by the appearance of a smart phone, there was a day to which it merely began to come 1475 hits . A TOP page is symbolic.This does not change. The page of the front flash is set to another page. The page with a symbol to open.



Ms. Eri Hiramatsu's music'Best I like you' It is the short story made into the theme. (Wriiten by BON) "What is looking at?" the time of "this university -- a photograph .Playing these days was only." "Who is he?" "The friend at the time of a university.Eri Hiramatsu was learned from me and this person -- karaoke. " "Oh" "It was variously these days." "The lady of best I LIKE YOU" " five-year-after -- tomorrow ten years after -- however Although 18 year has already passed, nothing happened.Although afflicted by that music ". "A song is a beautiful album.sometimes courage -- although it sometimes cries, since it is not actual things " "That is right." I am 40 years old. I meets a wife and a 4-year-old daughter will be soon. It took to a certain woman and confessed at the age of 20. "I wanted to stay as the best friend" is said aloofly, It was crying at the rear of the afternoon classroom. Outside the window, the woman who shook is crying in a loud voice. While being comforted by the woman's friend. I saw it and wished to stay as the best friend truly. With radio, there was a program of "a radio pop sketch" of Ms. Eri Hiramatsu those days. In July, 1995, Hiramatsu was appealing by saying "Tanabata wish-" large collection with radio. I think that I will apply to it just for a moment, and am a postcard.those days, it was a postcard -- it sent. Seemingly, Hiramatsu was not able to understand, since it was abstract poetry, although poetry was sent. By one of wording like "send perfectly", I think that it is selfish with my it being. The situation was taken out by postcard again. since the postcard in particular was not read, so I will listen her radio after that. But, it can be said also as the answer to the contents sent in July, "Best I LIKE YOU" will be in the Yumiko Takahashi in October, 95. when it was released.It was Hiramatsu's musical piece. The feeling of words was not found although the words and my love were suited exactly. It's not reason my heart broken, I merely liked simply. I will wait in five-year after and ten-year after, and there is no .I would like to fall in love now. And I appeared in action in March, 96. Since it is waiting from "now in the park here, i came in the park in which a long distance is not so much from her house." It was done. The night shift which is not work was done for the first time. meaningless -- a park -- since it is loitering. It came out and best I LIKE YOU heard it anew. I didn't understand even I thought twice.. So I didn't listen her radio at those days. "Even now, You like The woman ?" "No. there is nothing.About a fine woman with little male experience. Love is loved and possibly the inside was seldom seen after all." "How did it return to the fan?" "I thought that I would pass Ms. Eri Hiramatsu.The best I LIKE YOU which he considered. " It will decide so in June, 98 and is TO BE YOUR STYLE of BAY FM. It sent in large quantities by FAX.It came out and returned to the fan. Although i was a fan, it took 3 year until it resulted there. Although music was hearing the time , it was not presupposed that Hiramatsu's radio will be listened to. "Thinking [what ]-now ? best I LIKE YOU" "1 page of youth" "What it ?" "The past one who is laughing in the heart by the end of tomorrow ten-year-after today five-year-after It is the touch stuck on the album. Although there is no romantic feeling smoothly, I am fine well and, probably, She is fine. Then, I think that it is good.Real intention is anyhow good . words -- words -- it is actual -- " "Then, I think that i think that it is good " It is "it without the thing which have not been said and which was said so is [ the music towards myself ] This is my help. 'Don't mind that is good.'



Ikuhi's hobby. (written by BON)

"how many persons' use" "one person." "How many hour use is it?" "Isn't it about 2 hours?" "What do we do with a model?" "model? thing ・・I don't care Anyroom is OK" "I understand.Then, I show around." A salesclerk guides Ikuhi which goes. "Our shop has taken the one drink system this time."' "OK oolong tea wish is and carried out." "See please inform me from the telephone there." A salesclerk comes out of the room. Ikuhi goes takes out a notebook personal computer from the back, It was booting..Battery residual quantity is checked slowly. The communication facility was inserted in the personal computer when starting finished. And it is extraction about stereo amplifier portable from the back again. It tied. Ikuhi connect the Internet The Eri Hiramatsu fan site BON CRESCENT was accessed. A MIDI page is opened and it is volume up. Ikuhi has a karaoke microphone and began to sing it according to MIDI. A salesclerk enters a room with oolong tea. "... which I kept waiting." When the salesclerk gazed miraculously, he came out of the room. Ikuhi drinks and started to sing 'I can wait for you'. "Ahh Eri my ?! karaoke ? now I enjoy it now It is karaoke only one person. Now I'm singing ' I can wait for you' ahh? It means why I can sing it? It's my secret. it is Eri Hiramatsu's music -- I would like to be -- Would you like to come?


Delusion Hikun and three ladies (written by BON)

Hikun is writing the novel with 32-year-old single OL and a hobby. Hikun carries in a notebook PC by 1st floor of Starbucks, Thing writing was carried out.But a brush does not advance easily. Starbucks's store is 2nd floor mainly and she was in 1st floor only . Hikun rubbed the face.When Hikun is got blocked, the peculiarity which rubs a face occurs. Hikun had one more hobby. It was called the artist's fan site. Hikun was doing three artists deep fan.. Ms. Eri Hiramatsu, Ms. Takako Okamura, Ms. Chikako Sawada.It comes out. If the live, an event, etc. were said, the reports were witten to WEB. It had become the break of Hikun's - creative activity. Three ladies had a drink there and have got down to it. It sat down so that it might surround on the table of the one-piece beyond Hikun's table. Hikun was able to believe his eyes hardly. It is alike and similar. Although Hikun suspected when there could not be no such thing, already -- Hikun - nerve -- three persons' conversation An artist's talk does not have contained..It is a common woman's conversation. What, is it different?No, something is [ but ] amusing.All the nerves are centralized. Appearance is an artist no matter where it may see how from. Hikun's delusion started. It was not related whether they are a real artist any longer. it may be a genuine article or they may not be -- as It was begun to consider how to tell so that a lie may not be said.And ACT ON. HIkun pretend to call the mobile phone .And it begins to talk alone. "Ahh, Ms..Nishiwaki -- Karashima is speaking, and I'm producing Ms. Hiramatsu, Mr. Okamura and Mr. Sawada fan site. Still there are not great sites. A lie does not say a lower name. It does not understand a woman in a man only by a family name.They may be ordinary persons. " what ? still not great ? --ahh, Hard to hear. Hikun opens the lid of the reverse side of a cellular phone, she takes a power supply battery. It talks showing.if they notice that Hikun is their fan if it is a genuine article, and it is ordinary persons -- crazy Probably, it is visible. "Ahh, can hear. .update more and more. I'll try to produce them. it is my lifework bye. Someone is waiting!! " HIkun goes up stairs, after the mobile phone is turned off, a battery is put in and a lid is closed. .Three ladies are wonders.. A writer may do that she is Fanny occasionally.


A mimicry' Nuchan collaboration(written by BON)

uchan is Eri Hiramatsu's fan. She is from Hiramatsu's fashion from looks to a hobby. She was acting as Hiramatsu's manager until it resulted. Moreover, she was the woman who has got it as it is natural. She was in a certain coffee store. She looks her tiptoe if she asks for coffee black. If seen, it was considered as meditation. After a while, coffee has been carried. If she salutes a waitress lightly slowly, She tries to write something with a ball-point, She is being absorbed in the thing thought. The one male appeared there. "YOU are Ms. Eri Hiramatsu." "..." "Yes, You are. I'm your fan and understand." She answered slowly "I'm not.. I'm well alike though. It is different.although I can write her sign. I don't want "to hurt you" and let's do what. " The man wore the sorry face and talked. "I am sorry, it dosen't seem that which I speak such a place. But it is the dress worn by the live of dress last month. Since the Neil is also the handle in which summer which flowed by MC of the live carried out the light-blue image Just ... " She said, "... Was that right?" The two women of two seats of hers who are previously are wiping. She continued. I am living like a mole while it is night, I don't remember well -- " "Oh yeah you recorded at night" "night? I sleep drinking alcohol, daytime wear no makeup occasionally in the town" Women are laughing. a male "Ahh, Isn't it Mistaken identity?! She took out Evian from the back. Male "water ? Ms.Hiramatsu drinks it always at live?!Who are you?! Eri Hiramatsu "Nuchan! I got it! call -- she is a look-alike of her and me! Male: Amazing!!. Ms. Furukawa: "Since it is public presence, Please don't speak loudly. Nuchan: Even if you notice, the voice should not apply I'm having disguisedmyself, when going to the live.


Non's bath and likes.(written by BON)

Non loves a bath. It certainly goes into a morning bath during the weekend. Before entering, some which are certainly heard were. It is the radio listened to every week. Non applied the recorded program. "Eri Hiramatsu has presented ’ TO BE YOUR STYLE Oh、it's this week's ending coner. I want to do more・・. I am waiting for the letter from you in the program. and - of course -- lyrics Grand Prix! Here I am waiting your lyrics really. Grand Prix will be made into music at an announcement date, and will be sung in my voice..." Non erased radio and she took out the a sheet of paper She took the bath with a sheet of paper. It returns to taking a ball-point once.And it entered. Non stuck the sheet of paper on the wall wet with waterdrop. The ball-point was put on the window head of a bathtub. Non took a shower and he washed the body. Occasionally, although waterdrop and a bubble fly and bound on a sheet of paper, it does not care. Refreshed Non is flooded with a bathtub. It has a ball-point in a left hand, and lengthens a leg. And if some are remembered, it is in a certain sheet of paper that it is in a wall. The character is written. Occasionally, a character stops having come out and it wrote the circle to paper repeatedly. When she goes up from a bathtub in 90 minutes, it is stripping from a wall about a sheet of paper. It moved to the washroom. Non did not rub from hair but she boiled paper with the drier. Dress was come after getting dry. She has the paper and it carries out FAX of the wall to somewhere despite telephone. "The corner of Eri Hiramatsu's TO BE YOUR STYLE! lyrics Grand Prix Now, I attach a melody to your lyrics and it is broadcast of Christmas Eve. This plan I sing! .Now, today is from this lady. Let's introduce.They are Non of the and an old listener, She is an old listener at the corner of ANOTHER FACE. Thank you always. It is a phrase lover of this lady. Non of the who always writes a material -- I appreciate. True, you will be turning in a composition writer,. " Non grinned and she took out the loose-leaf notebook.


School Broadcast Personality Emiri (written by BON)

Emiri becomes completely and is a radio personality. She is once Eri Hiramatsu's program. A part of words about which Hiramatsu spoke in the program of TO BE YOUR STYLE is changed. She writes to a word and writes a time to the text. And a microphone and a code are installed, Her voice is taken in a personal computer. And she needs to sit down in front of a personal computer, and needs to use software. Voice and a back sound are made to compound. A studio is between her secrets. This work is done using 20 minutes of time for recess. And ending ends voice 8.45 seconds ago. After 20 minutes of time for recess finish, it is cleaning today. A curtain goes up. Good morning .It is October 10, 2010 Health Sports Day' today. Take care, did it carry out? Now, let's introduce today's lineup. How to treat a data palette and the right dustcloth. TO BE BEST5 Cleaning nice guy.Really good. I'm not good at cleaning One music done - this week also is [ the person of 'my longest day' yearning ] in your house. It comes.You clean where? With ANOTHER FACE.It is beautiful and cleaned up- in fact.A degree is checked. Emiri presents and today's cleaning, and the time with Eri Hiramatsu '


Children's story: A new crescent and snowman

Don't you flip today? Snowman loves a new crescent . He likes the ERI's note to play. I flip! I make a piano note. Snowman eats Eri's notes ' delicious ' He eats the note one after another. note is loved! Snowman says She smiles. Snowman ate a note and became large rapidly. every day, every day, and note Eri is depressed one day. What happened? Snowman heard. She says A note does not come out. It does not come out. Snowman considered. I have been eating them I will be what that I can do. It's my turn.I will make you happy Snowman breaks himself. It jumped down from clouds. Snowman in whom it began [ of many notes ] to snow The snow of a note is as having lain on the whole world.


Somewhere in this town

Ms. Eri Hiramatsu's music -- 'somewhere in this town' It is the collection of short stories made into the theme. (wiritten by BON)

'The station through which it passes'

Oh, this station was passed.Faint recollections. I loved you and two earnest confession to you who talk by the eye. Your voice 'Although thought well .. a friend' Was hesitation I fully understood the meaning. No, possibly I do not understand at all conversely. It is the moment when called .. by 'friend. a thing when the boyfriend who is different in you can do it -- me who have imagined .. The man thought that he was a very disagreeable living thing. Isn't there any scene of the last good for the love which became earnest too much? You strive to make friends and are a seed, It is easy to feel of your heart also to me.... Disagreeable Two persons who pass in a classroom Your voice which is saying, 'Good morning' It was not pride.disagreeable -- having also become -- there was nothing. But there is a one who cannot become gentle without knowing why. I am closing eyes too much. you -- probably -- the evening of when -- did it cry? .. Did she determine? 'I will stop a friend.' .I was moved by skin. Was it pride? big to the open open heart -- he repents Even if I examines itself for itself [ who was a child ] You do not turn round any longer. Exactly like [ of this train through which it passed ].

'Living alone'

If it comes to this town, it will be reminded of that time. You were living alone at that time. You were often telephoned. Were you the rich woman of expression I telephoned well.Presume upon your living alone. In general, it is a talk of mutual love. If the one who was hearing seriously [ always ] says an opinion Have you cried immediately? When I am sorry was thought, You were fine at the time of the next, and it was bold. It is called me and a thing with the intense upper and lower sides of feeling, your pride -- You were reliable. Did you also often scold me ' you who want to expect anything are weak and cowardly! ' This one shot was tight. It was the good relation However, when balance is carried out, Always a relation worsening. still -- three days -- one pace failure call Your voice which answered in the phone.At that time a 'day sinks' -- alias -- it has realized. Where are two persons who became some hints whenever I telephoned? Someone is talking by the cellular phone on the surrounding way of the station. I pretend not to notice.


When it gets down from a station suddenly, it is that person's town. I was young at that time and, Yes, was it this direction? The woman who became the next seat by chance Were you a fresh woman with quietly and a rhythm? It was smiling face to me who lent the eraser. Innocent language Conversation A natural daily rhythm It was used to this rhythm. You have reviewed to the wind suddenly. The rhythm and I who lost am a missing child. The heart which something tries to look for unsatisfactory days it is [ liking whether to merely regain a rhythm and ] love -- not understanding a thing letters -- it strays. Didn't your heart move? When it had been realized, following a rhythm resigned from me. It gets down from this station once in a number of years. Only the day from which the letter kept in the bottom of memory got down revives.


When saying so, I used with this sufficient line. The spectacle remember that sits on a seat.Occurrence. I was deciding to confess, when it took to people. Being shaken is unavoidable.however . There is no telling what I may do. She will avoid, if i talk usually. She will become ill-humored if I do not talk. It is without the ability to hold a sense of distance with the person. One day, that person entered near these vehicles and it avoided utterly. Me who became troublesome in her attitude I got down from the vehicles and was reflected in the vehicles of the end of the side opposite to. Then, even if the person sees me, she will not react. Talk now ordinarily and was there nothing? Only a little regret remains. If it says so, it will be this time .


Crescent Moonshine is how many color ? (abstract poetry).

Ms. Eri Hiramatsu's music'Crescent Moonshine' It is the abstract poetry made into the theme. (Wriiten by BON) -- Warm golden fog A wind strokes hair. Ahh. sands are dancing! The sun will also become red and smiles. She begins to walk with bare feet. Fog wraps in my You's - leg. Light follows.It is not hot? They are completely calmness and a hot thing? You are the sun - It is good. - The fireworks of light scatter. Light reflects in you - and it is hot. Well the sun -- it is very hot.Because it will rub and will hide for going away Ahh- Shine! Oh, !The tree which I rub ... A golden fog changed to white. Where is my umbrella I'll find a dry place. Where is the sun? Ahh, drifting sand? Shs fell down to the ground, Moe! Look.It is all wet.It is cold. It becomes it dry at the time of - evening glow. calling only white clouds even things were made. For anyone, rain is abhorring.... It Moe calls a red wind. It is red. It only sinks. He is not the sun. What?. occasionally -- a new crescent -- clouds -- it is How many colors is Crescent Moonshine? Color ....


Private exhibition girl My Mill

The store is located in the place which separated a few from the center of Tokyo. The store is a small natural food restaurant. There is a place which opens the private exhibition which can decorate a part of seat with a thing. Mill sometimes opens a private exhibition here. And Mill is sitting on the private exhibition side today also. In the small area, it is Eri Hiramatsu's CD. The T-shirt of KOBE MEETING, goods, etc. are set. Bell rings The visitor entered. The visitor goes to the area of the private exhibition, and he is seeing for a while. He is spoken to Mill whether he thought that it was wonderful. " you are not Ms. Eri Hiramatsu -- ?" "I'm not." "Are you the contractor who is doing in the substitute?" "It is also different." "Does Ms. Eri Hiramatsu come here?" "I think that she comes although time is not known since e-mail was carried out." "It is wonderful.Who are you?" Mill answers as smile. "I'm Eri Hiramatsu's fan.There is also Hiramatsu goods which I made occasionally. All the proceeds are contributed for the rainbow house built for the earthquake orphan." "It is still more wonderful.A volunteer is thing ?." "It is an extension of a fan site." "It does not understand well.If sales can profit well, I will buy a T-shirt." "Thank you" Mill corresponds with smile.